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Pakuranga Joinery Warranty Information

Warranty claims will be honoured at the discretion of the manufacturer as to whether the joinery is repaired, replaced or a monetary refund.

The manufacturer is not liable to reimburse any costs for products repaired or replaced without prior written consent from the manufacturer. 

All products supplied by Pakuranga Joinery Ltd are warranted to be of good workmanship and materials and free from defects for a period of 5 years from the date of manufacturer.

Pakuranga Joinery will provide remedial work to correct any defects that develop due to faulty materials or workmanship. 

Failure to follow the recommendations outlined below may result in product failure and void any warranties. 

No liability will be accepted where problems or damage occurs from the following conditions:

  1. If the product has been installed incorrectly or not in accordance with the relevant building codes and practices. Noting the joinery is not designed as "load bearing" meaning that no structural loading or "sag" will now or in the future be supported by the joinery. The frames must be installed straight , level and plum both vertically and horizontally.
  2. The product has not been maintained in accordance with industry recommendations. See Care and Maintenance section below.
  3. The product has been subject to misuse, physical abuse or neglect.
  4. Manufacturing standards and tolerances are not deemed defects.
  5. Minor warping or twisting up to 5 mm can occur and is expected as normal Shrinkage and or expansion do occur from seasonal changes in temperature and moisture. Variations in colour, texture or grain of timbers are a natural occurrence for which the manufacturer cannot control and are not considered defects.
  6. This warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the faulty product at the company's discretion but does not extend to the installation or refinishing of a replacement product. No consequential losses will be considered. The liability shall not exceed the original invoice value of the applicable joinery product at fault.
  7. The Warranties are only applicable joinery fitted to domestic dwellings.
  8. If air conditioning is used in a confined and non ventilated area all warranties will be void.
  9. No liability shall arise unless a claim is made in writing to Pakuranga Joinery & Cabinetmakers Ltd within 30 days of the defect arising or being reasonably discoverable by the purchaser. Copies of documentation showing the purchase date of the product should be included with your written claim.
Site Storage

All joinery products must be kept in a cool dry area free from moisture and direct sunlight immediately on arrival to site. Your timber joinery must be stored on an even surface (to avoid twisting, damage etc). 


All surfaces need to be primed and sealed, use only premium quality oil base alkyd primers and sealers. Within 4 weeks of receiving your joinery you will need to apply a minimum of 2 successive coats (preferably oil- based enamels) to all primed surfaces, paying special attention to tops and bottom of doors and sashes especially the end grains. All joinery that has had timber removed /drilled or checked out for hardware including locks, catches etc must have a coat of primer immediately on removal of timber. 
Warranty claims will not be accepted where the product has not been primed / painted. 
Warranty claims for damage distortion of the product due to being painted in a dark colour where the product is exposed to direct or indirect sunlight will not be accepted. 
When painting the glazing putty, and the after the putty has cured, (typical dry time period before painting is 2-6 weeks as tested in primed timber frames at 20°C and 60% relative humidity). The paint must overlap and seal the glass by at least 2mm, to prevent the egress of moisture, even from condensation. 
Remedial work carried out under the terms of this warranty does not include painting. 

Care and Maintenance

It is a recognised trade practice that exterior timber joinery is designed for sheltered exterior use and should not be exposed to driving rain, direct sunlight or extremes of humidity. In locations where extreme weather conditions are found, additional installation precautions should be taken to improve the products performance, which are not considered normal trade practice. 

A complete waterproof skin must be maintained at all times on all edges. Routine maintenance for joinery includes re-coating when wear or breakdown becomes apparent. Re-coats should be applied at an early stage of breakdown to ensure the integrity of the seal is maintained and failure to do this will cause rapid deterioration. 
For ongoing maintenance and care of your joinery, timber surfaces need to be kept clean (normally with a damp cloth and light detergent). Please ensure coating and recoating instructions are strictly adhered to of your specified product (instructions for this will be available on the suppliers website).